General Requirements

  • Points are earned on eligible sales transacted through Ingram Micro from 1 May – 30 June 2020 inclusive.
  • CloudMovers prizes are not transferrable to cash.
  • You will be registered to the IMpulse program when you register to CloudMovers.
  • The leaderboard prizes are limited to the top highest scoring members per partner per leaderboard. In the event of two or more members from the same partner finishing in the top of the leaderboards, only the member with the most points will receive the prize.
  • There leaderboard  promotion runs till 30 June and includes eligible sales from 1 May – 30 June
  • Members’ points will be reverted to 0 at the end of the leaderboard period.
  • The leaderboard prizes are as below:
    • 1st prize: $1,000
    • 2nd prize: $800
    • 3rd prize: $600
    • 4th prize: $400
    • 5th prize: $200


Products include within each category are below. To query to categorisation of a specific SKU, please contact support@imcloudmovers.com.au

Customer Transaction Requirements

  • Only new customer CSP sales made by a partner under the following categories are eligible for claiming: Azure and Modern Workplace



Product group


Azure consumption billings

Modern Workplace

  • Office 365
  • Microsoft 365 Business
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Dynamics 365

All Dynamics products


  • All Dynamics 365 revenue is eligible for claiming.
  • Incremental Azure revenue growth from the partner's March sales will be rewarded.
  • Any reoccurring billings or upsell sales made with the same end customer under a category they have already purchased from will not be considered eligible for Modern Workplace.
  • Sales must be recorded in the internal Microsoft Sales systems within the customer count period. Sales must include Microsoft revenue generated from the Eligible Product list. Contact us at support@imcloudmovers.com.au to confirm if your sale is eligible or for a copy of the full Eligible Products List.


Limited number of Digital MasterCards are available to be won every month for the Sprints.

  • May: Maximum rewards pool = $2,000
  • June: Maximum rewards pool = $2,000

Sprints rewards earning activities are highlighted on the dashboard every month At the completion of the month, you will receive an email to give you instant access to your digital MasterCard.


  • Customer transactions will not be considered eligible when the customer is owned by or affiliated with the Reseller, or to which Reseller owes an agency or fiduciary duty, be it contractual or legal in nature.
  • All eligible Cloud sales will be displayed on the CloudMovers site under "Claim Sales".


  • Resellers must have an account with Ingram Micro.
  • Any FBT liability is the responsibility of the reward recipient and their employer.
  • Members are to register into Ingram Micro CloudMovers with adherence to any third-party supplier agreements and restrictions.
  • Ingram Micro Australia reserves the right to interpret the terms and conditions of the promotion and will be the sole judge in any dispute. CloudMovers rewards are only available to registered program members. Reward supplies are limited and subject to availability.
  • Promotion terms and conditions may be changed or varied at any time without notice.
  • Ingram Micro Australia reserves the right to terminate the promotion in whole or in part at any time without prior notice and without liability. Errors and omissions are excluded.
  • All other trademarks, brand names and product names are the property of their respective owners.
  • For more information visit au.ingrammicro.com or call 1300 651 124.


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